House rules

House rules

To ensure that future guests feel comfortable and the house and garden remain well-kept a few rules. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you in advance for your support!

Tourism tax - Add to the rental price

We have to pass on to the municipality an overnight stay or tourism tax of EUR 1.6 per night and guest over 14 years of age for each guest. This price is is to be paid - locally andalso applies to guests who have booked via booking platforms!

Internet usage

The Internet is free and unlimited.

>Download Internet usage<

It is prohibited to access, download or upload illegal websites, copyrighted, or legally prohibited content!
In the case of illegal use of the Internet and corresponding requests from authorized bodies, we must pass on their contact details and indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims.

We are not liable for damage caused by unsecured data connections.

Legal – Liability!

Close all windows and doors when leaving the house! (even in summer). Übersetzen Do not let windows tilt in absence, close the door 2x, and do not just squeeze!

If it is not locked, the damage of a burglary is NOT covered by the insurance and the guests are personally liable!

Do not walk the stone steps with socks – risk of slipping! They stairs are not suitable for toddlers.

Central heating

A basic consumption of energy was calculated. We ask our guests not to turn up the heating and leave the windows open as a respect for the environment..

If the energy costs are significantly higher than the average consumer, this will be charged subsequently.

Room ventilation, bathroom, room fragrance

In order to avoid the formation of mold in the house, we ask you to briefly open as many windows as possible at least twice a day. This shock ventilation is also recommended by climate experts.
Especially after a bath or shower briefly open the bathroom windows all the way and turn upthe fan.
Since there are guests who are allergic to artificial room fragrances, we request NOT to use room fragrances.

No smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the house!
Please smoke only on the terrace with the windows and doors closed, and put the ashes and cigarette butts in the ashtray and dispose of them immediatelyin the trash can by the garden gate.Never dispose of ashes in the manure iin the house because of the risk of fire.

Garden and terrace

We ask you not to leave any garbage or cigarette butts in the garden.
The cutting of plants is prohibited.

Ripe fruit can be readily harvested.

If we have agreed that you can bring a pet, please make sure that the animals do not use the garden as a toilet!

Party and external visitors

For legal and insurance reasons, we ask for your understanding that it is prohibited to hold parties in the house or in the garden.
Only registered guests are allowed to enter the house or garden.

After consultation with us, special arrangements can be made. Please contactus.

Own electrical devices

Own electronic devices that guests usually take with them when travelling may be connected.

Electrical appliances for heating, cooling, running motors or other electrical appliances with a power rating of more than 800 watts must not be connected for safety reasons.

Electricity consumption exceeding the average consumption of guests in the previous year will be charged additionally.

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