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What you need to know!

Each house and device has its own characteristics. With our instructions, you will quickly find your way around Gästehaus Kerschbaum (Wiener Neustadt).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would like to thank you in advance for your careful handling of the equipment and facility!

Car – train bus

How to get there – Route

Übersetzen So quickly and easily you can reach the guest house and apartment Kerschbaum in Wiener Neustadt by car or public transport.

Google Maps map and train timetables


House rules and levies

Wir müssen für jeden Gast eine Nächtigungs - bzw. Tourismussteuer von EUR 1,6 pro Nacht und Gast über 14 Jahre an die Gemeinde weitergeben. Dieser Preis ist vor Ort zu bezahlen und gilt auch für Gäste, die über Buchungsplattformen gebucht haben.

Video instructions on YouTube

A virtual house tour with lots of important information to enable our guests to easily self-check-in.

Note:If you click on the video, a video from YouTube will open. This may mean that YouTube's privacy policy applies to you.

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Garbage separation

We are legallyobligated to to separate the garbage. You will find 3 waste garbage cans in the kitchen:
  1. Papiermüll(Wenn dieser Behälter voll ist bitte das Papier in die große Mülltonne mit dem roten Deckel geben. (Beim Gartentor)
  2. Plastikmüll (Wenn der Behälter voll ist bitt in den gelben Sack geben (Beim Gartentor)
  3. Restmüll (Bitte mit einem schwarzen Müllsack bestücken. Wenn dieser voll ist, den schwarzen Müllsack zubinden und in die schwarze Restmülltonne werfen.
  4. Glas: Bitte sammeln und in einer der nahen Glascontainer einwerfen. Öffnen sie GOOGLE MAPS -Glascontainer, um eine nahe gelegene Sammelstelle zu finden.
Plastik Mist

Central heating - hot water

The heating control is located in the living room next to the door closest to the kitchen unit. It is installed on the right side of the bookshelf.

If the hot water should ever go out, you can reactivate it by pressing the right button on the heating control only one time!

Gas stove

On the ground floor, there is a gas stove. Turn a knob of a coarse point and keep it pressed down. AT THE SAME TIME, they press the " fire button " at the very front. You will hear a slight click of the igniter. After the gas flame is visible, wait another 2 seconds. before releasing the controller again.

WARNING: After cooking, always make sure that all flames are turned off.


Please always put the dishwasher detergent in the left-hand compartment only.

Should you be in the house for a longer period of time:
When the rinse aid lamp lights up, pour the rinse aid into the right-hand compartment of the door.

Washing machine

Please fill the washing powder only into the left chamber of the washing machine and never into the middle chamber for the fabric softener!

Garden and terrace

We ask you not to leave any garbage or cigarette butts in the garden.
The cutting of plants is prohibited.

Ripe fruit can be readily harvested.

If we have agreed that you can bring a pet, please make sure that the animals do not use the garden as a toilet!

Living room light

The floor lamp by the fireplace can be turned on and off using the switch next to the door.

Home Security & Internet Use

The access data is on the dining table when you come.

In the case of self-check-in, you will receive the access data by e-mail.

Damit unsere Gäste und die Inhalte des Hauses versichert sind, muss beim Verlassen des Hauses die Türe 2x mit dem Schlüssel versperrt sein und die Fenster müssen geschlossen und dürfen nicht gekippt sein!

Fire alarm and CO2 alarm

In the living room by the bookshelf are the fire alarm and the CO2 alarm.
Auch im Stiegenhaus im 1 Stock befindet sich ein Feueralarm.
Bring the source of the smoke outside and open all windows. When there is a big fire is, call the emergency number 122 and please call us..
2022-10-24 (2) b

No smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the house!
Please smoke only on the terrace, closed windows and doors and put the ashes and cigarette butts in the ashtray and then immediately dispose of them in the trash can by the garden gate. Never throw ashes into the garbage in the housebecause of the risk of fire.

TV - SAT Anleitung

Über den Fernseher können Sie SAT und Streamingdienste ansehen.
Dazu stehen in drei Geräte und drei Fernsteuerungen zur Verfügung.
Öffnen Sie hier die Kurzanleitung:

Information of the surroundings

What is there to discover near the guest house? between 15 and 40 minutes you can reach a large hiking and skiing area, lakes, bows, and the provincial capital Vienna, Eisenstadt, and Graz (1 hour).

You will also find good shopping and restaurants close by!

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